We want to take you on a journey of self improvement to enable you to become SUPERHUMAN.

Superhuman Performance isn't about gaining superpowers, it's about making the changes that allow you to live an optimised life. Spending many years in World Class sporting environments  has allowed us to learn many lessons in performing under pressure, leadership and "finding a way". Now we are here to help you apply the same principles in your own life, so that you can achieve your goals and ambitions.

Superhuman performance coaching can help you identify your goals and help you plot a course to achieving them, we can you help overcome your fears and challenges and can help you make lasting changes in behaviour to optimise your life.

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Let us help you expand your horizons by developing self awareness - the foundation of Superhuman Performance. We will help you understand your personal values and how they effect and underpin high performance?



Let us help you chart a course to more effective leadership. Build your influence on the world around you and develop your authentic leadership style. Learn how to have winning conversations & build successful teams and lead them to glory.


Coach Mentor

Let us help you reach the top of the coaching mountain. Our bespoke coach development programmes can help you or your team maximise your impact on your athletes or clients - improving your ability to connect with them and change their behaviour.


The first step on our journey to Superhuman...


Your personal values describe your beliefs and attitudes, they guide your decision making, they drive your behaviour, they influence your perceptions and reactions and they affect the choices you make. Together we can decipher your personal values and help you understand how they impact on your personal and business lives. Once you understand your values you will start too see how they shape not only your behaviours, but the behaviours of those around you. 

Once you know what drives you from deep inside, we can start to forge a path to achieving your personal goals.

Understanding your values can help you:

  • Build Confidence
  • Build Resilience
  • Challenge your Perceptions
  • Manage your Reactions
  • Move you closer to your personal goals

We can also help you improve your health and wellbeing, help you make changes to your diet to improve cognitive and physical performance, help you discover your inner warrior to overcome physical challenges and goals and much, much more.

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Ever wished you had a greater impact on those around you?


Whether at home or at work we all wish we had the power to influence and lead more effectively - to hold winning conversations, to shift meetings efficiently towards our goals and objectives or even to get the kids to tidy up occasionally. Working together to develop your powers of influence can have a profound effect on your life performance.

We will work together to develop and enhance your leadership capability, your ability to manage and resolve conflict, to present in a more effective manner, to hold winning conversations, to foster a culture of performance and forge close working, highly successful teams.

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Your first step on the pathway to elite...


Our background in sports performance and coach education puts us in the ideal place to help mentor the elite coaches of the future.

We specialise in helping coaches improve their "core" coaching skills - understanding values driven coaching, optimising talent development environments, building effective communication skills, mastering question and answer techniques, developing sensory coaching skills, accelerating skill acquisition, relationship building and much much more.

So whether you are a sports coach, PE teacher, sports development professional or work in Learning and Development in a corporate setting we can help you build on your existing coaching skills - creating "super strengths" and help you manage areas for development. We can also provide development programmes for clubs and work with a group of coaches as well as individuals.

Take your coaching to another level by making it Superhuman

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