Founded by award-winning coach Ash Smith, Superhuman Performance offers a new approach to personal coaching...


Our coaching team have spent many years working in and learning from the world of elite sport and elite sports people. This gives us a very different perspective to other life coaches. We like to think of life as a Performance, overcoming challenges, breaking barriers, being resilient. We can help you optimise your life performance, to think differently, to make better decisions, to thrive under pressure, to embrace challenge and most importantly to conquer your goals.

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The Team


Ash Smith (MIsntLM)
Lead Coach

I'm all about helping people become "adaptable experts" - helping them develop the skills to overcome the challenges that life throws at us...

Ash is a human performance coach with over 20 years experience working with athletes to help them maximise their performance and is a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a graduate of UK Sport's Elite Coach Apprenticeship Programme. Ash has particular interest in accelerating skill acquisition, accelerating change and change management, developing leadership, communication and conflict management and particularly the field of talent development.

Ash has worked with some of the best practitioners in the world across psychology, cognitive behaviour, change management and leadership (and borrowed from all of them), working towards his philosophy of building "adaptable experts".

Most recently Ash has worked with Great Britain Wheelchair Tennis, coaching multiple World Champions and Paralympic medalists.